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Youtube favourites in May and June

In this blog post I combined my favourite Youtube videos that I watched in May and June. Enjoy! 1. Miikael Ainla – Võru TV (Ulufreetus Poivrend) This one is for Estonians. It’s just two boys pretending to have a talkshow but really just talking nonsense and it’s just soooooo funny! I’ve watched it twice from […]

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The Barcelonist - Who to follow on Instagram -

Who to follow on Instagram: Cities and Travel

One fine morning I woke up feeling like I am in Barcelona. I don’t know why this weird thing happened, as I was there 8 years ago for only 10 hours in between flights. It felt inspiring though, so I took my phone, opened Instagram and typed #bcn in the searchbar to immerse myself even more in the travel vibes. I scrolled […]

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why i think vlogging is hard fff

Why I think vlogging is hard

Recently I started following this new youtube channel by Allana Davidson and later also checked out her vlog channel. I often do that when I want to see what the person is really like because people tend to be more real on their side channels than on their main one. Seeing her vlogs made me […]

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